DELUTS SONY SLOG2 & SLOG3 Sets – Deluts Set 1,2,3,4

Chia sẻ bộ luts chỉnh màu của James Mỉller với bộ Slog2-Slog3 cho các dòng máy Sony. Kèm theo là các Cine4 và Deluts Set 1,2,3,4 để để color grading cho các video footage khá ấn tượng nha.

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This pack contains:

137 Creative Colour Grading LUTs for SLOG2 & SLOG3 in a wide range of editing applications that support .cube format LUTS. Such as Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Speedgrade, DaVinci Resolve.

171 Film Grade Creative ‘Looks’ & Classic Film Stock ‘Looks’ based on CINE4 gamma from Sony cameras. The classic DELUTS looks that you had in SLOG now available in CINE4 gamma, plus 34 Classic Film Stock Looks. Suppled in 16x16x16, 33x33x33, 64x64x64 lattice points in .cube format. Other formats available, please enquire for more details.

(Cine 4 set is based on s-gamut 3.cine but depending on what I’m shooting I sometimes use Pro colour for skin tones etc)

Also supplied in this pack are ‘DELUTS LOG’ luts. These let you use pre graded or Rec look footage to bring back to LOG (simulation). You can find these in ‘Basic Correction’ dropdown menu within Lumetri after installation.

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