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Lut Movie Style 01 – Film Looks

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Lut Movie Style 01 – Film Looks

Includes 13 sets of special Luts with 13 style film.
You can use Lut with software: Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut
pro, …
Use Lut with recorded footage files from various types: Raw, Log, Rec 709, etc.
You will receive 1 zip file including: 26 Luts files with both Log and Rec 709

Film samples that I refer to for color grade:
– Avenger Endgame
– Doctor Sleep
– Godzilla
– John Wick
– Joker
– Parasite
– Pet Sematary
– Shazam
– Spider Man
– The Irishman
– The King
– Us
– Zombieland Double Tap

The Lut Collection 01 product set is processed by me on Log-c files of Arri, Cine 4 of Sony A6500, Slog of Sony A7sII ..


Tutorial install the LUTs 
Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
Davinci resolve: